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Have you ever felt that it's so hard to build a following on Instagram organically without paying for advertising?

What if there’s a way you can create posts that resonate with the AI algorithm on Instagram?

That’s exactly what I’ve found and what I want to show you. The IG Remix Resonance Strategy, but before we start, why would you even want your posts to go viral on IG?

The ten’s & hundred’s of thousands of eye balls on your content, why do you want thousands of Likes per post and hundreds of people reaching out to you on the DM every single week?

This is not about: Creating more white noise out there, incoherence is the curse of humanity. People copying other people unconsciously, copying trying desperately to fit in, to be someone they are not. If your agenda behind building a IG following from 0-50K in the next year and a bit is purely egotistical, then this is not the right course for you.

This is about: becoming more aligned within yourself, expressing yourself authentically and generating authentic connections, launching your business and being seen in the genius of your unique self.

Taking your Inner game, your passions, purpose, gifts and talents and remixing that with the new world you see around you, that’s how we create resonance on the IG algorithm.

My research and experience tells me that this is possible for anyone in any niche who has the desire to improve and grow and include 4 areas of resonance within your posts.

  1. Your IG Handle - Your @Tag Name
  2. The Visual Image You Post
  3. Writing Captions
  4. Hashtags

It’s time to create resonance in each of these four areas in each of your posts. I know what you’re thinking... sounds like a lot of work, that’s why I’ve created live workflows of how I create posts that go viral on Instagram.

On top of this, I’ll take you through some processes to help you believe within yourself that it's possible to build an organic following of real people from zero to 50,000 followers in less than 15 months.

So now I want to show you, HOW I've done that... because there was this one time when I was starting this account, I was shit scared that I was going to have another failing Instagram account, so I really decided to put all strategy and tactics together. And I went all in on bring the highest version of my self to the table. It's through this one act of authentically expressing myself on IG that has radically launched my business and transformed my life.

It’s what I want for you, the transformation of finding your flow and being in alignment with your higher self whilst growing your Instagram account and business.

So let’s get you started today, joining as a BETA 1.1 early adopter for $99.97, you‘ll be getting 50% OFF (LIMITED TIME) and get VIP Access to behind the scenes of how I’ve grown from 0-50k organic follows in under 15 months via what I call the IG Remix & Resonance Strategy.

  • 1 x Account REVIEW (where I give you feedback.)
  • Complete Step-by-Step Course.
  • Behind the Scenes Workflows.
  • Complete Tools & Tips, Strategy & Tactics.
  • FaceBook Support Group.
  • PLUS A 30-Minute, 1-on-1 IG Strategy Session, where we work on your IG Strategy together via Zoom (VALUED at $149)

I'm going to show you the exact workflow that I use, give you the tools, tactics & strategy, to accelerate your education and understanding that you need to plant your message into the Instagram algorithm, so that you "Go Viral", get featured in "Top Posts", on "Explore" pages and so that you get hundreds of genuine followers every single day for the price of telling your story.

So that you and your account grows astronomically, organically beyond your wildest dreams.

Let’s begin...

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Your Instructor

Tino Beth
Tino Beth

Tino is a life long learner and experimentalist, who has developed a framework for understanding 'The Resonance Gap' between Cause and Effect, known as Quantum Feedback. In this course you'll get the opportunity to use the strategy and tactics to create a deeper resonance with the IG Algorithm and Attract a global audience on Instagram. You're one post away from going viral on Instagram.


To help you build momentum and stay on track in attracting a massive IG audience, I'm giving you free access to the Quantum Habit Stack morning routine which helped me get my inner game aligned, so I could show up fully in creating my IG following.

Build momentum in your morning routine and stack success upon success into your Instagram profile and transform your life from the inside out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

"I Can't Take Full Credit For The IG ReMIX & RESONANCE STRATEGY, I invested in $4,000.00 in the expert secrets of Social Media 'Attraction Based Marketing' guru's and another $3,000.00 in reclaiming my authentic voice. I studied SUCCESS STORIES and had many years of trial and error and all I've done over the last 15 months is compile all everything into a step-by-step system and a quick done for you, Easy-to-Implement course, so you don't have to do the years of hard work yourself." - Tino Beth

Imagine going from 0-50k organic follows in 15 months or less?